The Microsoft Windows 10 event showcased a plethora of announcements about the new operating system, but also exciting new tech and gaming releases. Keep reading for our summary of everything you need to know- or may have missed!

Windows 10 is free!

If you’re already a user of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE for the first year the OS’s availability on the market. There isn’t a release date for Windows 10 just yet, but it’s expected soon.

Windows 10 features Universal Apps

Microsoft also introduced the range of mobile apps for Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. These apps allow you to access any of your documents stored on OneDrive – and the improved Action Centre settings will sync across all Windows 10 devices.

Cortana is coming to your PC

Along with improved features, such as giving users reminders and appointments management (not unlike Apple’s Siri), she’ll also come with a host of PC specific features. For example, Cortana can extensively search your local hard drive and OneDrive, to make finding your files an absolute breeze.

Tell us another joke, Cortana

What is your profession?

Microsoft have already announced that Windows 10 new browser, called Spartan, will ship out with the new operating system – but Microsoft have now also revealed several new features for the browser. These include Cortana integration to further personalise your searches, and an offline-accessible reading list. Users will also be able to take notes on web pages, snip or grab sections the page, and share them with other users.

Looks nice and slick – don’t you think?


Xbox One to PC to Tablet Streaming

Windows 10 will have a Xbox App that will allow you to not only access your friends list, messages and activity feed – but also stream your installed Xbox One game right to your Windows PC or Tablet. Windows 10 will also have a Game DVR feature similar to the Xbox One Upload Studio, so you’ll be able to record HD gameplay clips and instantly share them on your favourite social networks.

Now you can see your awful Titanfall skills on numerous devices!

Windows Holographic

Windows Holographic is Microsoft’s hologram project that allows users to interact with a digital environment. With the Microsoft HoloLens, users can boot up the Holo Studio and create holograms that can be 3D printed. How cool is that? Especially if you’re a Minecraft fan (which many of us at 848 are!)

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So there we go – a pretty fantastic showcase of features to get excited about! Microsoft are really pushing the envelope with these releases that both unify and enhance user experiences across all of their devices.  Keep an eye on our blog for further updates on all things Microsoft!