Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a cloud based customer relationship management system that bolsters a powerful marketing engine, consisting of productivity applications, collaboration tools and social listening functionality. Each of these features seamlessly tie into the existing and extensive customer relationship management applications native to Microsoft Dynamics CRM – ensuring your sales metrics, data and tracking are always unified to achieve complete information transparency.

Ultimately, Dynamics CRM is the fast track to boosting sales productivity.

But what do we mean by ‘Sales Productivity?’

You can sum it up in a few key phrases: Targeting Smarter, Closing Faster, Selling More and Responding Quicker.

I know better than anyone that high level sales spiel can switch people off when they are considering switching to a new business system – but you can achieve such wonders without a huge budget and staff resource. Enter stage right, SureStart CRM. SureStart CRM is a quick, reliable and fixed price route to your ideal customer relationship management system – enabling you to effectively utilise powerful CRM benefits to increase your sales productivity.

Your microsoft dynamics CRM system also allows you to target smarter by using tools available to engage in social listening.


What is Social Listening?

Imagine you sell bike gear. You can create a Search Topic in Microsoft Social Engagement (native to Dynamics CRM) that will scour the internet for usage of the phrase(s) or word(s) you have entered. The social listening engine will then analyse and display the ‘buzz’ around your specified terms, charting data such as usage regularity and public sentiment. Once the buzz has been calculated, the engine will send you an email summary of the Search Topic results. Great, you have identified a channel for your sales! Increasing the number and complexity of such Search Topics will generate more and more tailored, specific and directed sales avenues.

Following this, you may fear the daunting task of planning, scheduling and working out the finances. No problem, fire up your microsoft dynamics CRM system and head for the marketing area. Here you can schedule your campaign, set a budget for it and describe the offers you have with ease. Follow this with planning activity schedules and associated costs for the campaign – then the marketing engine will track your spend against budget, eliminating the need for a separate tracking spreadsheet. Simple!

Next up, you need to let people know about the event of your participation.


So what comes next?

With your powerful new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system you can:

  • Create, import and organise your leads, accounts and contacts into Marketing Lists
  • Decide how to contact Marketing List members such as email, phone, letters or social media
  • Create a social listening topic to monitor your campaign and track its buzz

Now you can leverage the power of your CRM system to automate the contact process – such as the launch of email campaigns.

Your CRM and Social Listening engine now start to track your campaign. Email opens and engagement will be reported back as metrics to your CRM system. And your Social Listening search topics tracks posts about your attendance and email potential leads. This and more allows you to zero in on the hot leads, and close those deals faster.

So, just like that we have campaigns that are working for us whilst we sleep – and a campaign manager in the shape of our social listening engine tracking the resonance. Now we just need to actually sell more to these people.

Creating some sales literature to send to prospective buyers might help. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can store your sales literature and relate it directly to your products. Push your product offer out on Social Media and track the buzz with the Social Listening engine. As always, your Social Listening search topics are a great method of tracking just how effective your product(s) market climate is. For example, perhaps a few negative posts relating to your search topic indicate that prospective buyers like the product, but not the price.

Within your CRM system you can easily play with the discount pricing and offers to see what might be possible, and how to adapt your angle to achieve a sale. A few hours after s prospective buyer posts about the price, you can reply with “I am listening…check out the new discounts available”. You may not win them all, but you are sure to win some when responding in real time to your customers activity in the marketplace.

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Want to know more?

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