for Customer Engagement


for Customer Engagement


The software aligns customer and sales data in one central system. Dynamics 365 has tight amalgamation with other Microsoft Business Applications. Making it THE solution for SMBs wanting a single digital platform for operations.  


“Dynamics 365 has developed into a contender across the CRM and ERP market. It brings a range of modules that when combined can support every aspect of your business. Out of the box solutions accelerate your business transformation and returns on your investment.”

Solutions Director at 848 


Plan for Dynamics 365

Understanding what, how and why your business does what it does is critical to systems design.

We focus on people and processes to help you understand the information that describes your business and translate this into technology that fits.

Detailed preparation and planning, based on business needs, helps to mitigate risk, avoid uncertainty and reduce project complexity.

Build for Dynamics 365

We convert the theoretical to the actual by implementing a built environment that meets the functional requirements of your business.

Working to an agreed design and statement of work will reduce the time to deliver your objectives and ensure that they are met.

Run Dynamics 365

We will help maximise return on investment by providing your business and end users with a dedicated managed service for guidance, help and expert support.

Access to a dedicated service resource enables users to be more productive by helping resolve queries and issues quickly and successfully.



With Dynamics 365, you can deploy a single all-inclusive, end-to-end solution that spans marketing, sales, finance and more. Whilst each module of Dynamics 365 is different and has varying advantages. Microsoft have placed emphasis on the provision of universal features designed to boost the user-experience and adoption effectiveness, of the solution.  



Dynamics integrates perfectly with numerous applications, including Microsoft Office 365. These powerful features allow you to utilise familiar tools available. Enabling your business to boost productivity, decrease sales cycles, and reduce costs.


Remote Working

The software empowers your sales team to work anywhere, at any time, with or without connectivity. This ensures that the collective knowledge of the company, can be accessed at any time, on any device, from any location. Empowering you to sell smarter and respond faster to customer issues while you’re on the move.


Tailored UI

Enhance the agent experience with a UI customisable for each role, or ability. Fully accessible, interactive dashboards allow for agents to take action with their workload. Resulting in an enhanced, personable service for your customers.

Platform Innovation

The software runs on Microsoft’s safe cloud platform and operates using state-of-the-art datacentres. Dynamics can adapt to your needs using no-code visual editors, this user-friendly experience allows for maximisation of the applications capabilities.


Significantly reduce the risk of data breach using the advanced security and administrative features of Dynamics 365. Utilise a common data set with attributed levels of access depending on role and job function.

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Dynamics 365 for Customer Service manages; contracts, resources, contacts, case management, custom entities, unified service desk (USD), accounts and working hours. Gain 360° oversight of processes with all customer data including orders, complaints, queries, history, purchasing behaviour, etc., from various platforms, being displayed in one single system.




Social Sentiment

Integrate social networks through Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. This allows interaction through social posts, and action data gathering. Automatically generate cases that are routed to appropriate agents, optimising a speedy resolution and increasing customer satisfaction.


Unified Solution

Guidance, data and tools are contextually offered during every point of contact, no matter the device in use. Data from other third parties, and back-office sources are automatically included. Allowing for increased transparency across the entirety of your organisation.


Machine Learning

The advanced machine learning capabilities keeps you notified on the intent of your followers, and any change in sentiment. Agents are also presented with relevant cases and knowledge articles, allowing for quicker resolution of issues, and reducing escalation risks.


If you are keen to see how the power of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can transform how your organisation delivers top level service, then talk to us to arrange a demonstration!



D365: sales 

Creating Revenue from Relationships

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales empowers sales, marketing and service professionals, to be as productive as possible using the intelligent interface and integration with familiar tools like Excel and Outlook. Gain complete visibility of your opportunities, accounts and prospects. Allowing concentration to be on building customer loyalty and trust, whilst collating actionable and qualitative data.

The relationship assistant:

The Relationship Assistant feature grants sellers’ insights regarding accounts and contracts. Track opportunities through emails; gain understanding of recipients’ engagement; whether emails or attachments were viewed, enabling transparency in which contacts are the most engaged.

Lead Management:

Manage sales processes using business process flows, Generate more sales-ready leads with intelligent segmentation and lead scoring. Nurture leads with multi-stage, multi-wave programs, and score leads based on time, behaviour and segmentation. Account/Contact management using configuration and customisation capabilities, and Pipeline/Sales reporting.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Dynamics 365 can also be integrated with social selling capabilities through LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Maximise the potential of your work forces’ network with flagged Lead Recommendations, allowing you to secure warm introductions from your colleagues.

Utilise Predictive Intelligence:

Dynamics 365 for sales, grants your sellers actionable, relevant, and valuable insights, allowing for the nurturing of existing client relationships. Advanced targeting features supply predictive intelligence, that indicates new customers whom have the highest likelihood of purchasing

Optimise Customer Engagement:

This module of Dynamics’ puts your customers’ needs at the heart of your sales strategy, allowing you to optimise engagement, and ultimately; win and close more deals.

Adopt Intelligent Analytics:

Cutting-edge, real time analytics draw on historical data and predictive insights, to suggest new methods in accelerating sales performance. All tips suggested, are contextually accurate, revealing only; the next appropriate stage to advance each customer relationship forward.

If you are keen to see how the power of Dynamics 365 for Sales can empower revenue generation, then talk to us to arrange a demonstration!



Service Innovation & Transformation

Effective service management ensures a profitable revenue stream by maximising customer retention and satisfaction. Dynamics 365 for Field Service enables service calls to be dispatched to appropriately skilled technicians with required equipment.

Resource Optimisation

Improve profitability with automated scheduling, that allows for increased logistical efficiency. Utilise the interactive schedule board to empower dispatchers through aligned resource management. Increase first-time fix rates using real-time visibility in stock management and automated prompts to order.

Optimise customer engagement

Share contracts, quotes and schedules with clients and customers in an instance. Triggers issue automated text and voice reminders informing customers of when to expect their service. Transparency in service activities, be it tracking, or self-scheduling, allows for trust and loyalty to be heightened.

Align Business Goals

Advanced analytics offer insight in problem detection and diagnosis, before impact strikes. Automatically generate work orders including scheduling, release of information and technician dispatch. Predictive maintenance allows for further cost-saving, with cleaning, repair and replacement of parts on demand.

Maximise technicians effectiveness

Ensure timely arrivals with clients, by utilising mapping features that offer directions turn-by-turn. Work order details are automatically updated boosting transparency in caseloads. Assign customer history and preferences to cases. Increase on-site efficiency with mobile access to back office apps and data.

If you are keen to see how the power of Dynamics 365 for Field Service can transform how your technicians operate, then talk to us to arrange a demonstration!


Increase Project Productivity & Profitability

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation has many outstanding capabilities. Including resourcing and time entries, the ability to create leads and opportunities for services as well as products, the ability to quote for services and products side by side, and the ability to create resource price list based on roles/unit/price etc.

Streamline Billing Processes:

The unified platform allows for transparency in all project management attributes and processes, displayed on a centralised, navigational dashboard. The intuitive interface allows for efficiency many areas designed to ensure project deliverables mirror the terms of the contract, approved work and expenses.


An example of how Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation delivers efficiency is in the customer billing process. An easy to access menu leads to a window displaying all projects deemed ready for approval. Here you can select the project required and by approval, trigger a designated and desired sequence of events such as notifying the client/customer that the invoice is ready for reviewal/approval in their portal. The sequence to this trigger, can also include adding the invoiced amount to the revenue stream once the invoice has been approved by the client/customer. This is just an example of the many, many capabilities and automated workflows Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation can cater for.  

Integration Potential:

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation integrates with a wealth of tools that empower you to succeed including, Microsoft Apps, Office 365, and other third-party applications. Gain transparency and accuracy in cost, effort and revenue using robust project planning capabilities to achieve predictable project deliveries.


An example of how Dynamics 365 for PSA can allow you to do this is the integration with Microsoft Project. Make decisions quickly using a centralised interface displaying all project information, such as resource availability, schedule and cost. Intuitive dashboards allow for all areas of the project to be reviewed and monitored at an effective, precise level.

Increase team productivity adopting efficient communicational workflows. Execute profitable projects within the timeframe, and on budget, using empowering features. Utilise all resources applying streamlined scheduling. Gain accuracy in project forecasting courtesy of simplified contract processes, and customer collaboration.

If you are keen to see how the power of Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation can revolutionise how your projects are managed, then talk to us to arrange a demonstration!

More than just a CRM  


“CRM and ERP with AI built in. Microsoft continue to invest heavily in bringing the weight of their AI capabilities to bear on Dynamics 365. Intelligent sales, marketing and customer service drives business productivity and returns.”

Solutions Director at 848 

It’s undeniable the capabilities of Dynamics 365, are incredible and set the standard for advanced user experience. Design dashboards which suit your needs, set specific roles allowing for collaborative efforts, and so much more. Dynamics 365 does all the hard work for you, allowing you time to focus on what’s important to your business.


Matt Jackson, CRM Wizard

Business Analyst, Matt, has a wealth of experience designing and implementing bespoke Dynamics 365 solutions. Here he shares the most common pain-points overcome by the intelligence of the software.

Inferior Lead Management: I’ve had a few clients on other CRMS that have had a client database and sales tracking, but no way of tracking the lead before it became a sale – the lead qualification (auto creation of contacts and accounts following qualification) always appealed to those customers.

Lack of actionable reporting: Dynamics 365 offers query-based reporting, allowing users to build queries based upon the fields that sit on the record in question. This is also true for custom fields added to records so very specific reporting requirements can be tailored to by capture of reporting requirements at the head of a project, followed by a build based upon those requirements so that users can create the desired reporting when the solution is deployed and running.

Customisation barriers: There are changes we can make as a partner – or you can make as a user [dependant on the change being made and permissions/abilities of the user] to the system that can make it your own – configuration and customization does not require development or code, and thus the bulk of the changes can be made directly in the solution. This means if you have certain fields you want on records, certain formats you want for the record forms, or even certain process flows you’d like to follow, all can be created and published within the solution.

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