In the new technological age, many businesses are unsure how to embrace digital initiatives in order to improve processes and maximise customer value.

Our experts can show you how to start your transformation journey with our on-demand Business Changing IT Webinar!


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During the webinar, Enterprise Architect and Solutions Director, Andy Mallett, explains the principles and processes behind Digital Transformation.


Rapid adoption of Cloud Solutions is increasing the divide between digital businesses and everybody else. Businesses must now plan for agility and new business models, that empower employees and improve customer value.

We take stock of your combined needs and goals, to offer a complete solution which aligns sales and services, managing customer data in a central system.


Empower your Employees

Reduce costs in training by utilising in-built AI resources that guide and support your team in solving customer issues in line with organisational policy. This can enhance coordination of people and assets, and accelerate business responsiveness.


Increase Customer Engagement

Embed customer strategies into digital processes that create seamless experiences for both your customers, and your service professionals. Utilise the AI and Machine Learning capabilities in Microsoft technologies to capture quality data which can be actioned upon and adopted into new approaches that enhance customer engagement.


Optimise your Business

By deploying AI within defined business policies and processes, your business can anticipate demand and efficiently consolidate resources. This empowers you to adapt quickly to market trends, provide optimal customer service, as well as saving you time and money.


Transform your Products & Services

Let data become a strategic asset; identify new market opportunities, produce innovative products, and create exceptional customer experiences with a comprehensive view of your customers and operations.


Andy Mallett


Enterprise Architect and Solutions Director, Andy, brings an agile approach to Digital Transformation. His drive in adopting frameworks and methodologies, guarantees solutions that don’t just change your business, but transform it. Andy has a wealth of experience implementing solutions for large enterprises, such as NatWest, Argos, Homebase, and Amstrad.


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Digital transformation is so much more than technology, but technology helps visualise and understand the impact that modern technology can have on your business

Microsoft have a range of solutions that faciltate digital transformation, with Dynamics 365 at the heart of sales and customers services.

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