At 848, we are proud to work with so many different industries and verticals, applying our expertise to adapt programs to the individual clients needs.

One example is working with Housing Associations and some of the challenges they face in today’s market. From home repairs to housing developments, there are so many aspects in which communication and organization is key. Much like houses themselves, there can be drastic consequences if there isn’t a structure and foundation supporting the heavy loads placed upon it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the organization, structure and visibility of all information and data relevant to a company. For a clear overview of workloads, as well providing a platform for business-centric processes like sales and finances, Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive CRM solution designed to bring an organization together and have everyone in it working efficiently.
In this video, Dominic Ryder, who recently joined 848, gives us a detailed insight of a Housing Association based in Scotland who needed to enhance their CRM functionality in order to provide even better service to customers who live with disabilities and health issues. Dominic explains the benefits of working with Dynamics 365, and how 848 supports you on the journey to the modern workplace.

Find out how you can use Micrososft Dynamics CRM in your organisation, connect with Dominic via