Cost Savings

The global pandemic has forced the hand of many businesses to upgrade their software and servers. Following lockdown, many businesses are having to change the way they work but have limited finances to implement large change, which is why 848 is supporting those businesses who are looking to the cloud for retooling. 


848 is helping customers to reduce overall costs in their business by up to 82%.

In fact,  They have helped many to replace their existing CRMs with a centralised, easy to use system that they can access on any device, anywhere which helps improve communication in the business, reduces the need for travel and saves time which ultimately leads to reduced costs and increased efficiency.  

Moving to a cloud-based server with 848 

Moving to a cloudbased server with 848 is the best way to modernise digital processes and stay relevant. It ensures data is completely secure, improves operational processes and increases profitability.  

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