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IT Transformation can be challenging for any organisation. Yet with the right guidance, advice and industry best practice approach, you can meet your security, compliance or technology change goals. Traditional IT Systems are a thing of the past. The way we work is changing rapidly and there is a need for your processes, technologies and people to adapt.

848’s IT Consultancy Services recognises that fluidity is key. Our consultancy solutions are deployed using our accredited Plan, Build and Run methodology, and designed to ensure you, your users and your clients/customers achieve maximum value from your existing and new technologies.

Our consultancy services can help you;

Enhance user experiences

We can help ensure your solutions are planned, built and ran around your users.

Effect cost-efficiency gains

Whether it be in management of your licensing, recommending evergreen solutions, or proving how partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we will always help you save valuable financial resource where possible.

Enable innovation and agility

Enhance the agent experience with a UI customisable for each role, or ability. Fully accessible, interactive dashboards allow for agents to take action with their workload. Resulting in an enhanced, personable service for your customers.

Enrich workforce productivity

The software runs on Microsoft’s safe cloud platform and operates using state-of-the-art datacentres. Dynamics can adapt to your needs using no-code visual editors, this user-friendly experience allows for maximisation of the applications capabilities.

We can help you in the area’s of; 

IT Strategy:

Align your technology with your specific business requirements, culture and goals.

Modern Desktop:

Manage sales processes using business process flows, Generate more sales-ready leads with intelligent segmentation and lead scoring

IT Procurement:

We provide a transparent, vendor-neutral approach to IT procurement, ensuring your users are matched with technologies that fit your business needs.

License Optimisation:

Ensure you’re running on the most cost-effective and flexible way to license your software. 


Ensure you gain the most out of your infrastructure investment by virtualising core services that can grow with as your organisation does. Host a virtual environment that is cost-effective, safe, secure and delivers optimum performance.

IT Audits:

Gain a holistic view of your IT and how that fares against your business plans, whilst highlighting opportunities and risks.

Cloud Readiness:

Assess your readiness to journey to the cloud, including migration, application compatibility and operations modernisation. Understand the impact this will have on your processes, people and technologies.

Backup and Continuity:

 Realise a backup and continuity strategy that is well designed, fully tested and continually reviewed ensuring your strategy is always fit for purpose.

Cost Optimisation:

Utilise your current technologies to their maximum capability and output ensuring maximum ROI potential. 

Security and Compliance:

As cyber essential certified experts, we can help you realise a security strategy that protects your assets as well as optimises compliance amongst your activities.

Take a look at some of our consultancy services;

Modern Desktop Assessment

Defining at present – Orientates around readiness for Windows10 and Office365

The unified platform allows for transparency in all project management attributes and processes, displayed on a centralised, navigational dashboard. The intuitive interface allows for efficiency many areas designed to ensure project deliverables mirror the terms of the contract, approved work and expenses.

IT Project Review

A second opinion can always be useful.

IT projects move at pace and commonly experience fractures and issues. 848 project reviews can help you understand where fractures in the plan, build and run process may have occurred. We methodically examine every step in the process and every domain of the architecture to understand if any issues are critical. We are focussed on providing pragmatic and honest feedback. Pragmatic because we understand the pressures of delivering IT projects and that time, quality and cost can introduce compromises. We want to help you understand the risks, mitigate where possible and accept them with clear knowledge of the impact.

848 can call upon product and domain experts to back our EA’s and governance professionals if we believe we need to dig a little deeper. We aim to provide a rounded picture that can help the management team make reliable decisions in the toughest of situations.

Call on our architecture governance service to help you address the root cause of the issue and set your project back on the right track. Use our digital transformation service to put you back in the driving seat with a clear vision your projects are working towards.

Infrastructure Health Check

Discover how to improve the performance of your core infrastructure.

848 analyse your core infrastructure and core workloads to identify the root cause of performance issues. You benefit from the expert analysis and advice of an experienced infrastructure consultant together with a prioritised set of recommendations to stabilise or optimise infrastructure performance.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

848 help you to carry out an objective assessment of your business and technology to define a cloud migration strategy.

Leveraging the power of the 848 Architecture Framework, we examine the key components of your organisation and the technology. In the infrastructure domain we can identify legacy technologies that need to be addressed, and benefits of moving them to the cloud or hybrid models.

Servicing needs can be examined to identify benefits in monitoring, event management and more. Security is assessed to show where leading cloud service providers can deliver vastly improved security over on-premise technologies. Applications are reviewed and assessed for migration or transformation opportunities and how that might be achieved.

On the journey the use of the architecture framework often helps us to identify opportunities for you in the future. We may detect opportunities to improve the availability of information, new ways of working for the business or process improvements. The common approach delivers this value add to all our services.


An Intelligent System, An Intelligent Set-Up

Our delivery process engages Application Intelligence; assuring a seamless solution integration. Consideration of existing workflows and processes ensures your solution is complementary of best-practices. Upon successful launch of your product, 848 will close any gaps of knowledge within your team. This is paramount in effective use of the software and is often, an invaluable experience. Expert support is available for any issues that may arise.

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