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848 Build a Modern IT Service and Infrastructure for Global Clean Energy Innovator.

Key Facts.

Industry sector
Clean/Nuclear Energy

800+ end users

A new secure and scalable Managed Service


  • The client had established a new business area that required a secure, dedicated digital working environment complete with a modern IT service to support its 800+ end users.

  • Working on a short timescale, 848 designed and rolled out a new digital environment built on Azure that enabled secure remote working.

  • The team allocated a dedicated service desk team including a service delivery manager to provide fast and reliable end user support both remotely and on-site when required.

  • After a successful and seamless solution delivery, service transition, and knowledge transfer, the number of end users onboarded and supported by 848 continues to grow each month.


A global innovator in electrical engineering and energy had established a new business arm to develop a scalable, sustainable, and low-cost clean energy solution utilising nuclear power. With an all-new and complex business area to support, the organisation also needed a new secure, reliable, and modern IT service and infrastructure. It needed an IT partner to set up the new environment, manage the service, and provide rapid end user support. After being held back by funding delays, the client was working on a short timescale, and so 848 stepped in to take on the challenge.

The Challenge.

The client had 350 (soon to be 800+) end users that required rapid access to a secure and modern working environment complete with a reliable and flexible managed service. Due to the sensitivity, complexity, and growth of the business area, speed, security, and scalability were a priority for the solution and service. The client required an integrated digital environment configured to enable secure remote working for all stakeholders in the new business area.

The Solution.

Through critical discovery sessions, 848 quickly established the key requirements for the client and designed and built a solution in line with the client’s strict timescale. The team designed, configured, and rolled out a new modern working environment built on Azure and utilising Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) to enable secure remote working. They also implemented a DevOps service to support the organisation with research and development.  As the client required a modern IT service that could evolve with them, 848 built an ITSM solution underpinned by ServiceNow that can handle the client’s growing demands now and in the future.

848 allocated a dedicated Service Desk Team including a Service Delivery Manager to design and implement the managed service, deliver a seamless service transition, and provide end user support both remotely and on-site when required. The team assigned strict SLA standards, designed a dedicated service security model, and implemented new processes to cope with business growth.

The Result.

The client experienced a seamless transition to its new modern working environment and flexible managed service. The 848 team successfully delivered an effective knowledge transfer that ensured seamless end user adoption. The client continued to benefit from a high level of support with SLA’s being achieved to a standard of 98% and above. The 848 team effectively onboarded the initial 350 users on day 1 and has since onboarded a further 500+. The number of end users onboarded and supported by 848 continues to grow each month.

The 848 Methodology in Action.


848 designed a modern working environment to enable secure remote working and created a managed service offering to support end users and the new infrastructure.


The team configured and implemented the new digital environment underpinned by Azure and onboarded 350 end users to the new It support service.


The dedicated service desk team continues to support over 800+ end users and is achieving SLA’s to a high standard of 98% and above.