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The 848 Group attended the Box World Tour in London, on the 12th of March 2013. As a box premier re-seller we showed our support as a partner, and attended to hear about what Box are doing next.

We arrived and checked in with our team before the main introduction. Once seated the Keynote began, and we were introduced to Arron Levie (Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer). Aaron gave us some insight on were Box are currently at and their plans for the future. Like many entrepreneurs he was very up to date, wearing quite fashionable sneakers.

We had a short break before the next event- which I might add that the staff at the venue delivered quality food and drink throughout the whole day.

The next event on the agenda was split in two with Session A and B. A covered: Top 5 Ways Business Moves Forward with Box. During part A they talked about mobile content management, project collaboration and more. B covered: Introduction to Box. Session B gave an overview of Box for new and potential customers. After a short break we attended the next session. This again was split in two parts. A covered: Gaze Into the Crystal Ball, they talked where box is heading in the future and talked about future improvements for Box. Part B covered: Box Admin Console, this section was aimed for IT administrators looking to deploy Box within a business.

We then had a second break that was followed by the next event: The Power of the Box Ecosystem presented by Chris Yeh – Vice President of Platform. Chris delivered an in-depth analysis of Box’s current ecosystem and the potential growth of new customers and users. I found this to be the most interesting event of the day as this made me think of how Box is managed, maintained and delivered to its users.

I ended the day with a quick beverage with the team, courtesy of Box.
The 848 group are a Box premier re-seller. We have implemented Box for a number of customers helping them to unlock their content and improve their business processes. Find out more here.