To blur or not to blur, that is the question.

Have you ever found yourself on a conference call, distracted by things going on in the background?

It’s often a plight of the remote worker or a hectic office. We’ve all seen the hilarious clip where children interrupt a digital BBC News interview by strutting into the room. (If you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a treat, click here.)

Sometimes when you’re on a video call, the unexpected happens.

Enter Background Blur in Microsoft Teams.

This dignity-saving feature puts you in primary focus and conceals everything around you.

Microsoft Teams utilizes multiple services and integrations within Office 365, for example, SharePoint, OneDrive and Planner. Which is great for both use cases of Teams; those that use it internally only, and those who use it both internally and externally with Guests/Clients/Partners. The interoperability between accessing platforms from a central environment streamlines communication and enhances productivity.  

Video conferencing is a great way to bring teams together or to enhance your rapport with clients, yet people can be reluctant to in front of the camera if their environment is particularly messy or distracting. After learning this handy Teams Tip, you’ll be able to enhance your presence in Teams calls.

Here’s how you blur your background in Teams! 

It’s worth noting that you can activate this feature both before, and during, a call.

Follow these simple steps to enable background blur before your call or meeting:

1. Open your meeting in Calendar. 2. On the ‘Join’ screen, you’ll see purple sliders for your video and audio controls. Select the middle slider next to the camera slider. 3. You’ve just enabled background blur! You’re now ready to join your meeting!  

To use this feature when you’re in a call follow these steps:

1. Select the ellipses ‘…’ option. 2. Choose ‘Blur my background’.

It really is that easy!

For a close-up view of how to blur your background in a Teams call, watch my demo below!

Do you know how to send an email to a Teams Channel? Find out here!

Still not impressed? Wait until you can change your entire background all together, Green Screen style! 

Microsoft are constantly loading their solutions full of intuitive AI, realising nifty ways to stay productive. The Cloud Giant is currently working on bringing this capability to life in Microsoft Teams, so watch this space as we’ll keep you updated!

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