Microsoft has many success stories in helping businesses across different industries overcome their challenges and discover digital transformation. The advantages of digital transformation are widely recognised as more than a simple cost-benefit analysis. More businesses are capitalising on the value of the Microsoft cloud to facilitate continuous innovation. This blog will show you how organisations are utilising Microsoft industry solutions to transform their business. 

Microsoft industry solutions success stories  

Microsoft customer success stories provide a real insight into how technology can unlock powerful capabilities and innovation for businesses across different industries. 

Healthcare industry  

St Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN) now depends on the cloud to seamlessly and securely deliver their health services. The organisation invested in Microsoft 365 productivity cloud to empower its 15,000 employees. Microsoft 365 has intuitive tools that optimise team collaboration, secure private data, and enhance patient experience. It was a huge transition to remove on-premises infrastructure and automate IT processes for the organisation, but the easy deployment of Microsoft 365 meant there was little downtime for the organisation.  

Microsoft 365 is a perfect fit for St Luke’s University. The easy-to-use tools make it simple to secure health information and empower the staff at the same time. Security is paramount for the organisation, and capabilities within the Microsoft ecosystem make it easy to implement multiple security software enhancements in a short amount of time. Working with a cloud as-a-service solution means St Luke’s University only pay for what they use, meaning they can keep their costs down and minimise wasted assets. 

Financial services and banking industry 

Banca Transilvania is one of Romania’s leading financial services companies. The company invested in Microsoft Azure – specifically Azure Bot Service (AI) – to design and build two chatbots to improve customer service. Using AI-powered business intelligence and intuitive tools, the business created one chatbot focused on retail and another on SMBs. As a result of Banca Transilvania moving to Microsoft Azure, the organisation is improving experiences for all clients. Their customer service satisfaction is improving as more customers are getting a rapid “first-time-fix” resolution. Pressure on the bank’s contact centre reduced and with that so did overall costs.  

Trustmark is another company in the finance services sector. Trustmark provides its customers with a business benefit strategy through a variety of services. The company also works with a network of insurance brokers. Trustmark’s aim was to create omnichannel experiences for all its customers, employees, members, and brokers. To achieve this Trustmark adopted Dynamics 365 marketingDynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Sales. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps businesses centralise their data, improve customer relationships, connect their teams and more. 

Retail industry 

QNET was one of the first businesses in the e-commerce direct selling industry to go 100% online. Over two decades ago, QNET began its online journey with Microsoft, building its first e-commerce platform. QNET has recently embarked on a new digital transformation project to keep up with modern times. The company migrated its technology infrastructure from legacy on-premises systems to Microsoft Azure. QNET’s migration to hybrid working took only 3 days, proving the efficiency in deployment of Azure Virtual Desktop on a large enterprise.  

By implementing a hybrid cloud business model running on Azure, QNET can now access new features and services to improve business efficiency and employee experiences. Running a business on the Microsoft cloud allows you to operate with reduced downtime, enhanced security, and greater flexibility.  

DriveTime is a used car auto retailer with more than 140 dealerships across the United States. DriveTime required a more efficient, systematic way to purchase vehicles at auctions. The company used Microsoft Power Apps and Azure SQL Database to design an Online Buyer business application.  

Using the capabilities of Microsoft Power Apps, DriveTime created a tool that turns experience and intuition into a consistent, accurate, and repeatable business process. Saving the business time and creating visibility between inspectors and buyers.  

Employees using Microsoft industries

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