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Helping SMBs Do More with Less using Microsoft 365.

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Today’s commercial business segment is booming with small and medium businesses (SMBs), accounting for around 90% of all businesses globally. But as the global economy continues to rise, organisations are having to look at ways to reduce costs due to tight budgets, all whilst growing their business and optimising operations. 

As an SMB, we know that juggling budgets, job roles and resources can be stressful and time consuming, and with more and more businesses taking on hybrid working, it’s essential that SMB employees have the correct tools and training that allow them to work effectively. 

How Microsoft 365 can help your SMB achieve more

With cost savings top of mind for SMBs, Microsoft 365 provides an all-in-one cloud-based solution designed to help every small business achieve more whilst reducing costs and optimising processes. 

With its best-in-class productivity and collaboration tools and features, this intelligent platform can help to lower budget spending whilst maintaining efficient working amongst your SMB. 

Essential Apps to Create and Share Files

With a comprehensive suite of solutions, SMBs are able to take advantage of Microsoft 365’s well known Office 365 apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, all whilst being able to share and edit files with fellow employees in real-time due to 365’s collaboration features. 

Cloud-based Software

Long gone are the days of needing built-in software or hardware. Microsoft 365 can be accessed anywhere across multiple devices, whether it be a PC, laptop, phone or tablet, all thanks to its cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. 

Stay Connected with Your Team

Whether your SMB works in-house, remote or hybrid, staying connected with your team has never been easier thanks to Microsoft Teams. This cloud-based feature provides teams with the ability to have virtual video meetings, create different group chats, and access and collaborate on files in real-time. 

Built-in Security

Microsoft 365 is backed by the best-in-class threat protection and security features that safeguard your people, data, and infrastructure. SMBs will benefit from identity and access management, information protection and governance, threat protection, security management, insider risk management, compliance management and more. 

Automatic Updates & Improvement

With continuous updates and feature upgrades designed to improve experiences, Microsoft 365 keeps your workspaces modern and future-proof. These updates are also automatic and are integrated into your apps as soon as a new version is available, so you don’t have to worry about keeping on top of software updates. 

A Solution that Meets Your SMB Needs

With a range of packages available, Microsoft 365 offers a solution to fit your small and medium business requirements, from Business Basics to Business Premium. 


Your Dedicated Microsoft Solutions Partner

848 are here to help you get the most out of your Microsoft investments, providing advice, guidance, and training to support you in adopting new technology and capabilities. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner with a team of Microsoft Certified staff specialising in the Microsoft 365 cloud, our trusted team can design, deploy, license, and configure your Microsoft 365 platform to meet your unique business needs. 

If you would like to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and strengthen your security with Microsoft 365, get in touch today.