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I live on a busy road where something always seeming to be going-on, day and night.  Most of it I’ve become oblivious to, over time:   Youngsters in their cars with big boy exhausts, engines idling and rasping at the side of the road as their mate collects a takeaway, delivery trucks with the air conditioning units rattling, buses’ air brakes reloading, students ‘singing’ on their way probably to someone else’s home, shop shutters being cranked up at dawn, emergency service sirens and even pigeons cooing in the tree directly outside.  They are all still there, but I don’t really hear them anymore.  New noises do get my attention though.  

This morning, scaffolding was being erected – noisily, inevitably, but impressively.  In under four hours the crew they had built this skeleton structure on two sides of a big three storey Victorian building, removed the original 120 years old slate tiles, put down a new membrane and struts and new tiles were being laid (not sure if that’s what you do with roof tiles, but anyway).  I went out for a quick walk at lunchtime, passing the roofer’s van, against which they were leaning, taking a break.  ‘Alright, Liam?’ one of them said to me and stated to sing, ‘today’s gonna be the day…’  I paused, a bit confused but slightly flattered that he’d taken the time to offer me a heckle, as he gave a wry smile.  ‘Oh, the hair?!’ I offered as a reason.  ‘Yeah, and the long-sleeved tee-shirt and round sunglasses….and your age’.  ‘Brilliant. Thanks’ I said.  I had now fully stopped and felt it would impolite if I did not engage in conversation; and why not, I thought.  ‘Impressive work, decent team you’ve got there’ I stuttered, awkwardly.  ‘You ever tried tiling a roof on your own?’.  

I looked-up, my knees slightly buckling. I hate heights.  ‘Er, no, I haven’t’ I confirmed,  ‘Teamwork, mate’ he stated.  ‘We’re like a well-oiled machine. Each of us know what we’re doing and what we need to do.   Job was scoped and planned last week and now me and the boys are on it.   And experience; we’ve got lots of experience.  We know who can and should do what and when and how to best do it.   Plus. we’ve got other jobs waiting to be started so we need to get this done efficiently and done right first time for the customer so we can move on to the next.’  He continued, ‘Then I’ll be back later in the week to get the project sign-off so we can get paid with a follow-up next month as a courtesy visit and to scope out the next job for this customer’.  ‘Well done’ I said, as if offering my approval as I turned to carry-on my walk, to the sound of him singing ‘Don’t look back in anger, I heard her say’.  Why would I? I thought.   He’s just proved the point that no matter what industry or sector you are in, it really is all about the process:  Understanding what the customer needs, knowing how it can be best achieved; completed efficiently and effectively, is truly the key to successful delivery and obtaining customer satisfaction.  So, in summary, contact 848 to find out how we can help Plan, Build and Run ‘Business Changing IT’ with and for your organisation.  After all, you wouldn’t try and tile a roof on your own.  

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