“Azure is a collection of related cloud services and platforms, that enable you to build rapid, scalable, flexible, business solutions which are complimentary to your existing IT environment.
The software empowers our customers to truly transform their IT infrastructure, enhancing business growth and change. – James Saunders, Director of Consultancy, 848.


Companies use Azure

iDataLabs, accurate as of March 2019.

networking, firewalls/security

Developement tools, database management & Business Analytics

Physical Data Centre

Operating systems

FUll service


With over a decade of providing award-winning cloud services, including; system hosting, backup and disaster recovery services, and as a Gold & Silver Microsoft Partner, 848 can Plan, Build and Run your continuity in the Azure cloud.


An Overview

We enable our clients to transform, modernise and standardise their IT environment by leveraging emerging technologies and a proven hybrid delivery model.



Software as a Service allows you to connect to your favourite Cloud-applications over the internet, such as Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc.
Our SaaS provision covers all of the elements detailed in the section above. Meaning you can add and remove applications to suit the flow of your business requirements.



Microsoft’s new Virtual Desktop allows for virtual machine running in Azure over a secure connection. This allows you to access your virtual desktop safely, from any device, any where.



Support the applications and workflows which are mission-critical with an instant and scalable infrastructure. With Azure IaaS, you can concentrate on your goals instead of spending the time and money it takes to plan, procure, secure and manage the right infrastructure to meet your needs.

Our IaaS offering covers; Servers & storage, Networking firewalls/security and Data centre physical facility/building.



PaaS supports the complete web application lifecycle; building, testing, deploying, managing, and updating.
Avoid the expense and complexity of procuring and managing licences, the application infrastructure and other resources. Meaning you manage the applications and services that you develop, and we manage everything else!

Our PaaS covers; Development tools, Database management & business analytics, Operating systems, Servers and storage, Networking firewalls/security, and Data centre physical facility/building.

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More Than Data Protection

If you are after a provider to oversee your IT environment, then check out our Managed Services offerings. Spanning Modern Workplace, Data Protection, and Infrastructure Management with Azure.


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