How 848 can help Avaya Customers

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As of 19th Jan 2017 internet telephony specialist Avaya Inc filed for bankruptcy.

They claim they are ‘pursuing a restructuring through chapter 11’ as their current structure is ‘over 10 years old’ as the driving force behind the move.

While they want customers to believe it will have little impact to them there has been no mention of backing from creditors prior to filling for a bankruptcy. Coupled with the lack of time line due to uncertainty from negotiations with key stake holders and approval from the court. The road ahead for Avaya customers currently looks far from smooth.

Polycom VX410

The Polycom VVX410 hanset


Is this something you can afford to take a gamble on. Potentially risking disruption to yourself?

Now more than ever it’s worth considering all your options. Here at 848 Group we can discuss your current requirements and tailor a communications package more suited to you. Giving you the confidence that you are using operating systems you can rely on.

Customers currently using Avaya telephone units should consider swapping to the Polycom VVX410 which is an improved handset against similar models from Avaya.

For full features and to speak to someone about how we can support your business please contact our communications team on 01785 503848.