Being part of a relationship that’s going nowhere is sometimes hard to spot. You might not exactly be expecting flowers and chocolates from your IT Provider, but you certainly deserve the best from their service- and sometimes, it’s easy to be taken for granted. Our handy tips will tell you whether you’re working with tech studs… or stuck with tech flops.

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Nobody at your IT Provider seems to care about your particular needs

A good IT company accepts its clients very much on a case-by-case basis. The services they provide is based on two things- what your company needs, and what it wants. This means that beyond physical restraints, such as your budget, size, or purpose, your IT provider must put your concerns and desires at the forefront of the plan. A company that doesn’t put your issues first and tries to offer an impersonal, cookie-cutter service is not the right company for you.

Your IT Provider’s claims have no proof.

A sales pitch is designed to attractively market the company to the potential customer. For some businesses, this sadly creates advertising schemes where ‘grossly exaggerated’ becomes an understatement. There should always be someone on hand who can expertly and thoroughly explain what the company offers, breaking through the jargon to phrase their argument simply. Likewise, the company should be able to reference sources to back up their claims. This could be anything from professional qualifications, to customer testimonials, to case studies of past projects. If you’re asking for cold hard evidence, but all you can find is smoke and mirrors, it’s time to leave

Your IT Provider’s procedure is slow/confusing/non-existent!

So, you’ve submitted a support request. But the request seems to take an age to be acted upon, the process of restoration is mystifying, and you are left chasing the company for information with about as much luck as a dog chasing its tail. What should happen is a simple procedure from report to repair, keeping you firmly in the loop, with an estimation of how/when the problem will be fixed. Downtime can be seriously damaging for any business, and so you need an IT company that takes this seriously.

There’s never any help from your IT provider when really you need it.

Similarly, in the event of an absolutely catastrophic disaster, you need to be able to reach experts immediately. Serious situations call for the ‘third line’ experts- the best of the bunch- and without them on hand, the work of the first and second line support staff just won’t cut it. Your issue has to be their priority. No excuses.

You aren’t exactly sure what you’re paying your IT provider for.

Cost-effectiveness is perhaps the first phrase on everybody’s lips when looking for any outsourced service. Since the recession, we have all arguably become a nation of penny-pinchers- value for money is essential in any service we purchase. If paying your IT provider feels more like throwing money down the drain than making a sound investment, run for the hills!

Often, customers feel they have to settle for this shoddy treatment. But an IT provider needs to be more than just acceptable- they need to be as quick, as reliable and as connected as the best software out there.

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