JC Penney Chooses Microsoft Office 365 in Its Mission to Reinvent Retail
Jan. 10, 2013.

A national retailer has upgraded to the cloud to create a new customer service experience and better communications environment for thousands of team members.
As part of its effort to simplify and modernize technology solutions, JCPenney is rolling out Microsoft Office 365 to team members throughout the company. With Office 365 as its communication and enterprise social platform, the company aims to improve customer service and increase information-sharing between team members through the ease and accessibility of the cloud.
“In selecting a cloud solution, we were looking for a partner who would support our goal of becoming America’s favorite store,” said Kristen Blum, the chief technology officer at JCPenney. “And when we realized that we could improve customer service even more by providing cloud-based collaboration tools to increase communication between team members, it was easy to choose Microsoft and Office 365.”
Office 365 will improve remote access for employees who can now stay connected virtually anywhere, anytime from smartphones, remote PCs or other mobile devices. And perhaps most importantly, ease of communication will increase between stores, allowing team members to work seamlessly with colleagues at other locations while assisting customers.
“We always aim to help customers at every touchpoint, from entering the store to finalizing a transaction. Office 365 will be a big driver in supporting that pursuit,” Blum said.
Microsoft’s Tracy Issel, general manager for Worldwide Retail and Enterprise Solutions said, “We’re excited JCPenney employees will be able to utilize technology such as Office 365, which is custom tailored to fit their needs. Better yet, I can’t wait for ordinary customers to experience the benefit of this newly connected shopping environment for themselves.”
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This is a fantastic win from Microsoft that seems to indicate that Microsoft are starting to prove the argument for Office 365, along with the recent win with Tesco as well for Office 365 it has been a good week for Microsoft.
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