When the 848 group was formed some 9 years ago, we started out as a Google Apps for Business Reseller (now G Suite). Google Apps for Business, combined with SalesForce.com, Box and others, created a disruptive offering in the early years around Cloud Computing. Indeed, many of the concepts we see in IT companies around the UK are repeated years after we pioneered our services. Fixed price migrations for Email, risk and reward based on project scoping and short-term support contracts were on offer from 848 from 2010 to the present day.

Over the years, and because the market has taken us in that direction, we have established our Microsoft credentials to become one of the UK’s leading consultancies around the Digital Workplace story for business. Our 8 Gold Competencies, contracts with Deloitte and Ricoh and wins with larger clients gives us a fantastic background in IT services delivery.

All of this has been built around the Microsoft story and the use of Microsoft solutions, it occurred to us that this would apply equally to those businesses who want to consider options from other vendors, such as Google and Amazon Web Services for example.

I am therefore immensely proud to announce that 848 group has launched a new company; Force12, to offer the GSuite solutions, and will shortly be followed by AWS, productivity and business communications solutions.

We are launching today with a simple per person model to offer GSuite and support for a business who wants to implement Cloud IT, but is not sure of the best approach, platform or even vendor.

Our pricing is designed to be value-based, we will not be for everyone, but if you are looking to ‘Empower a Flexible Workforce’ and you want to look at the web first and mobile first offerings from Force 12 then please get in touch.


Kerry Burn

Watch Marie Kevan, who will be driving business engagement, introduce Force12.

Connect with Marie to find out more go.848.co/Marie