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Our commitment to you.

848 Support:

The past two weeks have seen unprecedented change amongst our communities, economy and general way of life. Yet with that change has come a wave of support from individuals, communities, our government and UK businesses large and small, in helping us all prepare to adapt, overcome and thrive. 

With that in mind, we welcome you to review an address from CEO, Kerry Burn.

Dear partners, customers and associates,

By now the global pandemic crisis is understood by all and its consequences will now shape our lifetimes and dictate our new world order.

848 group is a growing, successful business and 7 days ago we had a strong pipeline of work and recruitment plans across the board to bring Business Changing IT to our customers, old and new. All of this has now been placed on hold pending the improvement of the global pandemic.

In the announcement on Friday, Rishi Sunak offered a range of measures to UK Business to offset the massive economic consequences of this problem and over the weekend the situation has continued to deteriorate. Mr Sunak has put the people first and it is to be applauded.

Because of this, I am today announcing the following measures for our customers;

• From the 1st April, all new invoices will have a 50% deferment applied to their balance. In other words, only half of your current debt is payable on our standard terms, the remainder will be deferred until the crisis is ‘over’. What that means will be reviewed month by month but for now, 848 group will not expect payment for the invoice balance of 50% until the resumption of ‘normal’ trading can be resumed. This will apply for a minimum of the next 3 months.

• This offer is open to all customers old and new. In other words, I will put the considerable skills and resources of our teams in helping you implement IT systems that will help you be competitive in the months and years to come.

• This will apply to our Managed Services Customers and Professional Services customers alike regardless of term or commitment.

• There are exemptions, of course, these are related to our supply chain where our key partners such as Microsoft, Google, TechData, agency providers and others have terms that mean we are required to pay them in full to keep the cloud services running. I invite our suppliers to join me in offering deferred terms to our customers if it is possible to do so.

• Updated statements and payment terms will be communicated to our clients over the coming week, clearly, we need to ensure that the balances owed are paid promptly.

Our industry is often misunderstood and indeed some obfuscate solutions to business problems and sell Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt as reasons to invest in IT, even now this is happening because of the Covid-19 Crisis. Our offer is designed to be tangible and to provide a real difference to our customers.

We have seen incredible generosity and sacrifice from all our departments to ensure our customers old and new, can be assisted in these difficult times. I am humbled by the show of solidarity, determination and commitment from our entire team in realising this potential lifeline.

I wish your families and yourselves well during this difficult time. If you have any questions you can contact me directly at kerry@848.co



We are immensely proud to show our support to all businesses during this challenging time.

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