Integration is key: Why connected IT solutions are the most effective IT solutions.

Connected IT solutions are effective IT solutions. But why is this?

There are lots of standalone business technologies and applications available to meet different needs and business capabilities. From CRM and ERP systems, to accounting tools, carrier-management software, e-commerce platforms and more.

But they can only truly be great if they connect and integrate with one another. If your different tools aren’t set up to work together as one cohesive solution, you should expect gaps in information, communication, processes and more.

When your IT solutions aren’t connected, neither are your people, data or processes

Disparate applications means data is separate, meaning transferring, analysing and comparing information across different systems will create extra admin and increased room for human error. It can also create big IT management headaches for your technical teams.

You could have great accounting software for example. But if it works separately to your CRM system, you’re increasing the chance of human error, creating extra admin, and making tracking revenue sources a pain. Products are only great when they’re fully integrated with your wider IT infrastructure.

Connected IT solutions are effective IT solutions

That’s why at 848, we build connected IT solutions made up of intelligent platforms and tools for CRM, ERP, carrier-management, ecommerce and more. We integrate and optimise them to work as one seamless solution.

We listen to your needs and requirements, and design connected IT solutions powered by the cloud, and ensure they are fully integrated to maximise value and efficiency for your business.

Some companies will just sell you a bunch of products, 848 deliver business changing IT. Connected IT solutions, fully integrated and optimised to work as one unified system.

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