We’re exceptionally proud of the partnerships 848 holds. We assist our partners in delivering particularly complex or demanding projects, adding value throughout the five specialisms of the Group.

Last year, we were approached to assist in delivering a Windows 10 migration for a global leading cosmetics and beauty company, and support over 2000 users in moving to a new modern way of working.  

Whenever we embark on a new project, it’s vital that the groundwork is done to a high standard. The elements that sit within our Plan, Build, Run methodology ensures quality in our processes and boasts the greatest value for our clients.  

As part of the Plan stage, I had the pleasure of flying out to New York to meet key stakeholders. Due to the size of this project, it was important that strong working relationships were forged in order to deliver an effective rollout and onboarding the organisation for change in preparation for a modern way of collaborative working.  

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Windows 10 and the Modern Workplace it boasts, are an appealing proposition for enterprises and SMBs craving an IT environment that is constantly current and fosters the most advanced security and compliance measures known to Operating Systems (OS) at present.  

Windows 10 is the last OS you need ever migrate to. Microsoft will update Windows 10 in perpetuity, instead of releasing a new, fully-fledged OS as a successor. This removes the need for organisations to allocate financial resources in preparation for replacing outdated OS’.   

The advanced OS offers access to enterprise-grade features such as Modern Management, through tools such as Intune, and being the foundation of a rich collaboration platform between users. (Intune is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management tool that aims to help organisations manage the mobile devices employees use to access corporate data and applications, such as email.)  

We successfully built a Windows 10 environment that was configured to suit the needs of the business, ensuring our client receives the most value through their investment. An example of how this was achieved was the design and implementation of a robust set of requirements and increasing governance over the delivery of their digital assets.   

Our client now has an environment that empowers their users to work effectively, increasing communication and collaboration. The data shared within the organisations is protected through advanced security measures on an OS that is still familiar, but much more advanced in capabilities and of value for users.  

If you’d like to talk Modern Workplace and Windows 10, then we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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