Many of the projects we embark on are part of wider Digital Transformation strategies, modernising IT environments in preparation for projected growth and associated demands. With the implementation of new, innovative technologies, the maintenance needs and requirements must be considered.

Luckily, 848’s methodology of PLAN, BUILD, RUN, ensures that all elements are examined resulting in minimal risks and threats to the new environments and infrastructures deployed.

We have been working with the client for some time on a complete Digital Transformation project. A major factor of the new business strategy is virtualisation in their IT environments. There are many benefits to opting for virtual environments, you can expect reduced spending, increased efficiency in IT operations, easier backup and disaster recovery, and better business continuity.

However, there are some risks to virtual environments that mainly orientate around sudden power outage situations. A sudden loss of power may result in electronics data loss as well as damage to the limited hardware in use when repeated instances occur.

Yet the real danger arises the moment power is restored. Overvoltage can sometimes surge through the power lines, posing a massive risk to the electronic devices connected.

It was important these matters were addressed for our client and a solution deployed that reduced the threats associated with sudden power outage; we opted for PowerChute Network Shutdown V4.3. The technology connects directly with the UPS(s) to receive information on power status and remaining battery, protecting physical and virtual IT environments from threats to IT availability and reliably ensuring the safe shutdown of multiple servers.


The solution uses user defined thresholds to power down virtual machines, migrate virtual machines between hosts, and then power down hosts. These features can be prioritised to shut down low-priority VMs and hosts earlier and keep critical services online for as long as possible during the power outage. Now our client can have the peace of mind that in the instance of a sudden outage, user data and environmental assets are consistently protected, with minimum downtime.

If your organisation could benefit from a power outage solution, then please
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