Microsoft Teams (Teams) maintains persistent conversation threads with individuals and groups across all your devices, so it’s easy to continue the same conversation on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile and not lose track of what has and is being said, even if there’s a gap in time between messages or you change the device you are using.

When you share a file on a Teams conversation, as with the actual chat, these are also persistent and available during and after the chat under the Files tab in the conversation thread.

Security and compliance are not forgotten here just because it may be deemed as less formal means of communicating; files shared within Teams are stored in SharePoint and therefore subject to the same policies as if shared directly from OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online.

An instant communication channel may offer the mean of less informal protocols between colleagues and this can open-up the opportunity to share images, photos and gifs as a form of expression. Teams realises this and omits storing images, photos and gifs in SharePoint Online and therefore preserves the data storage allocations.

The seamless ability to exist, function, communicate and work from within Teams is a game-changer that almost makes comparing Teams with Skype for Business unfair (on both).

Teams takes the utopian concept of having a single application for instant messaging, file access, file sharing, collaborating, online meetings, calling, announcing, updating and team working and literally smashes it out of the park.


So, like for like, Teams and Skype for Business Online aren’t like for like so how can the two be fairly compared:

The key real-life differentiators are the enhanced user experience, based on functionality, ease of use, reliability, quality and consistency of Teams, regardless of the device you are using at the time.

So, to finish I would like to thank Skype for Business for being the trailblazer, the pioneer, the guinea pig, the test bed.

‘What’s that, Skype for Business? I can’t hear you, are you on? I think you may be on mute….oh, they’ve dropped-off’

‘I tell you what, I’ll call you back on Teams…’

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