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Benefits of the Cloud

Why should you consider moving your business to the Cloud?

Firstly, what is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing, generally speaking, is the use of external servers to store, process and handle data. In other words, instead of storing your documents physically on your device, they are instead stored online, on ‘the cloud’ itself. Cloud computing as a concept represents exactly what the modern consumer desires- data available from anywhere, at any time, in any place.

The cloud is truly a pinnacle aspect of the digital age. With that in mind, however, we realise that the idea of sending your data into hyperspace instead of storing it physically can be difficult to wrap your head around. Our handy guide is here to highlight the benefits of cloud computing, bringing your business firmly into the 21st century.

The cloud is leading cutting edge IT

Nearly 80% of UK businesses are now using the cloud

Cloud solutions are more secure than local solutions

Cloud solutions enable you to work anywhere

Businesses using the cloud see an increase in productivity

Working with the cloud saves your business money

Flexible Working

Because the cloud enables you to save and access documents no matter where you are in the world, the traditional 9-to-5 workplace grind becomes a thing of the past. Working outside of the traditional office environment is a proven way of stimulating creativity and improving employee productivity. With flexible working you can save money on your daily commute, simultaneously reducing office overheads and your carbon footprint – brilliant!


Cloud collaboration enables you to share documents, projects and calendars in real-time, so you can work securely with your colleagues on any device, simultaneously. No more email chains or versioning – cloud collaboration eliminates the waiting game of collaborating via email attachments.

Office 365 and Google Apps for Work allow you to collaborate with your colleagues in real-time- go ahead and check them out to find out more.

Disaster Recovery

We’ve all been guilty of assuming “my hard-drive is doing fine, I don’t need to back up my work!”. Then, surprise! Your hard drive dies and you lose that important file you convinced yourself wouldn’t be lost. Storing files and documents in the cloud stops this from ever happening again – your files are all safely tucked away in hyperspace, ready and waiting for you no matter what happens to your hardware.

Backup & Recovery

One of the huge benefits of cloud computing is that it automatically backs up your files in real time, which immediately solves the problem of working on the same document from multiple devices and not knowing which one is the most recent. Instead of creating multiple files, a single one is automatically saved, edited and backed up- making life simpler for you.

Rapid Startup

A cloud system of computing can be fully prepared before installation, compiling together everything necessary in your account. Apps, images, documents, settings… all can be raring and ready to go from the second you enter in your password.

Automatic Updates

Gone are the days of scheduling and planning mass-updates for every user and device in your business. With cloud solutions, your business applications and services are always kept-up-to-date, meaning you’ll never have an interrupted workflow at the behest of a loading bar ever again. Vulnerabilities are addressed instantly, deploying critical patches is made easy, and in most cases you can update an entire office with the push of a button.

Competitive Edge

Companies using the cloud are at the forefront of business IT. Fact.

Businesses in the cloud benefit from instant access to service developments and improvements – negating the routine updates or scheduled hardware overhauls often required with local business hardware.

Environmentally Friendly

Who doesn’t want to be energy efficient? One of the less obvious – yet very important – benefits of cloud computing is how having fewer machines, increasing equipment efficiency, and reducing the need for hardware shipping and manufacturing is dramatically reducing businesses’ carbon footprints.

Reduced Costs

Cloud computing makes powerful hardware requirements a thing of the past, so you can say goodbye to that money-eating business server that growls at you from time to time. The cloud additionally reduces energy consumption, cutting costs on a long-term scale too.


Something unique about cloud computing is the fact it can be so easily increased or decreased, dependent on the needs of the client. A small business can dream of growing up into a soulless billion-dollar corporation, without having to spend great amounts initially on physical hardware, as cloud computing anticipates business growth and will adapt to accommodate this. Similarly, the same cloud service can be made operational on both the largest, most expensive computer in the firm, and the smallest smartphone. The cloud is adaptive and reflective to your needs.

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