How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal in 5 Minutes

If you’re asking ‘How do I get better WiFi?’

Then this is definitely for you.

Wi-Fi signal is made of simple radio waves and as with any radio there are numerous issues that can cause interference problems. Strong Wi-Fi signal on the other hand can have the opposite effect. Giving you faster performance and better coverage around your home or business. So with this in mind it’s important to make sure you properly position and configure your router to get the best from the signal strength which is available. Read on and we’ll show you how to achieve this in no more than 5 minutes by following theses three easy steps.

 1) Point The Antenna Up

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well it is, and in many cases routers have aerial-looking antenna sticking out of the back of them. These antennae will almost always come out of the box pointing horizontally to make sure they fit in the box and we often see these in buildings still horizontal just because they have never been moved. Positioning the antenna vertically will increase your connection strength and if you have two or more antennae, keep the antennae vertical and in parallel to optimise performance, there is no advantage to pointing them all in different directions.

 2) Position Your Router Properly.

Consider where you will put your router. If you have a large home or office space then getting your router as central as possible you will benefit from more overall coverage as you will be boosting the range of the signal. Placing the router at one end of the building will, in many cases, mean you get great signal at that end of the building (and also outside that side of the building) but limited signal at the other side of the office. However, if your router signal is strong enough and there is a good signal everywhere in your office there’s little benefit in moving it now.

Position your router high up. Placing your router on the floor may be the most convenient place but is almost always the worst. A higher position will help your signal.

Metal has been the enemy for wireless signals for numerous years and we’re afraid nothing has changed. If your router is placed on or near large metal objects such as filing cabinets or metal shelves, this could cause a problem as the signal cannot pass through metal. In some cases, routers positioned too close to metal pipes have had issues and moving them can provide an almost instant improvement.

Ok, so you’ve checked all that, but there is still some interference, well you maybe able to root out the problem by looking at your other devices. Microwave ovens, baby monitors and even cordless telephones can interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

 3) Choose the best Wi-Fi Channel

If you’re in a place where there are a variety of different Wi-Fi networks running such as a block of flats or a shared office space, your neighbours’ Wi-Fi will probably be interfering with yours

You can however minimize the effect this can have, and as a starting point moving your router away from the other routers will be a good place to start but unfortunately is not a fool proof plan. The best option in this case is to switch to a different Wi-Fi Channel. If you’re not highly ‘tech savvy’ you may feel like we’ve just asked you to perform something you have no idea how to do? Well not to fear, we promise it’s not as technical as it sounds, just follow these simple instructions.

• You can change channels on your router’s settings page (instructions on finding this page will be in your routers manual or online).

• Locate the Wi-Fi channel option in the router’s web interface and change it to a different channel with less interference. Finding the right channel can be a bit of an experiment at first but it’s relatively easy to do and can have a great effect. The investment of a few minutes of your time now will save you hours in the future. To us, it seems like a good option.

So, 3 easy steps and you’re done!

If you would like more information on how to get the best from your Wi-Fi connection or explore the best connections for you then call the team at The 848 Group on 01785 503 848 or email and we will be happy to help.

Wi-Fi isn’t our only service, you can view the rest of our IT products and services here:


cloud it event staffordshire

Innovation Through the Cloud IT Event Staffordshire

At 848 we’re happy to announce we’ll soon be leading our first event in conjunction with BIC Staffordshire!

Are you hoping to use cloud IT better in your business? Are you trying to settle on the best cloud solution? Or are you simply interested in ways to upgrade your IT?

On the 19th May, we’ll be delivering a free presentation on Innovation Through the Cloud, delivered by The 848 Group’s Co-Founder Dave Burn and Marketing Manager Tom Humphreys. They’ll be teaching businesses how to best use cloud computing to their advantage – cloud computing is our forte and we want to be able to pass on our knowledge to other local, Staffordshire businesses!

Within just two hours, you will be able to expertly spot which cloud IT solutions offer the right benefits for your business. We’ll be comparing the two leading solutions, Office 365 and Google Apps for Work, whilst sharing our tips and tricks for using cloud IT to help your business reach your full potential.

A complimentary lunch will be provided and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, either at the end of the presentation or personally. The event will take place from 12pm – 2pm at Tillington Hall Hotel, Stafford.

Fancy a sneak preview? Watch our video for Tom’s expert comparison between Office 365 and Google Apps for Work!

Secure your spot at this free event by reserving a place before the 12th May!

Microsoft OneDrive Personal Cloud Storage

Important changes to OneDrive

Microsoft are making some key changes to OneDrive, their cloud storage software. If you are an Office 365 customer, listen up- these changes will certainly affect you.

The storage amount available to you will be greatly reduced in the near future.

  • The default free limit is being reduced from 15 GB to 5 GB.
  • The ‘unlimited’ capacity of OneDrive is being reduced to 1 TB.
  • 100 GB & 200 GB paid plans are being replaced with 50 GB plans for new customers.

Microsoft OneDrive Personal Cloud Storage

What should I do now?

Firstly, check the ‘Manage Storage’ Page in your OneDrive account to check your current plan and how much storage you are currently using.

Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage Size

What you do next depends on your data storage allowance.

If you are currently on the free 15 GB plan and have more than 5 GB storage:

Microsoft are claiming to offer any user in this situation a free year’s subscription to Office 365 Personal, but haven’t released any details regarding this yet.  If you do not choose to alter your plan, you will be notified when Microsoft is making these changes, and given 90 days to move or limit your data. If you’re still over after 90 days, your account will be made ‘read only’ for the next 9 months. This you will still be able to access and download your files, but won’t be able to add any more. After 9 months, your account will be locked until you decide to take action, and after a year, your data may be deleted.

If you don’t want to remove your data, you will be able to purchase a 50 GB plan or upgrade to a paid account.

If you are currently on a 100 GB/200 GB plan:

You won’t be affected by these changes.

If you are currently on the unlimited plan with over 1 TB storage:

You will be notified of this change and be able to keep your unlimited data for at least 12 months starting November 12th 2015. After this year, your account will be made ‘read only’ for the next 6 months. This you will still be able to access and download your files, but won’t be able to add any more. After this, your account will be locked until you decide to take action, and after a year, your data may be deleted.

Will I need more data?

We’re disappointed Microsoft have chosen to limit their data storage, but understand the motivations behind it. On their FAQ, Microsoft highlight what these figures translate to practically:

5 GB: enough space for approximately 6,600 Office documents or 1,600 photos.

1 TB: enough space for approximately 1 million Office documents or 330,000 photos.

How much storage a business needs is largely dependent on the amount of users you have.  The average organised SME will struggle to make a million word documents, for instance! If you feel the new Microsoft allowances aren’t enough for you, however, you can find larger and unlimited data packages on many other cloud storage solutions, such as Box, Egnyte, and Dropbox for Business. We’d be happy to discuss which solution can best suit your company.


Announcing our Dropbox for Business Partnership

The 848 Group are pleased to announce that we are now members of the Dropbox for Business Partnership- one of the first partners in the UK. After extending the Business Partner Program to accommodate us Europeans, we jumped at the chance to pass the required training program and become certified Dropbox professional resellers. We can now provide expert deployment and implementation of Dropbox!

If you don’t know already, Dropbox is one of (if not the) most highly regarded online file storage services available for personal use – and the new Dropbox for Business builds upon the industry-leading personal solution to enable use by companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Now you have the power to do more, with instant syncing and sharing on any device – enabling you and your team to work together from anywhere. More and more businesses are using Dropbox globally, ranging from one man bands to universities to huge corporations – which goes to show how malleable and adaptable the service really is.


With our dropbox for business partnership,
you get to enjoy:

Unlimited Space

You get 1,000GB by default – and can scale your allowance as you grow.

File Recovery

With unlimited version history you can track changes and revisions with ease.

Flexible Working

Dropbox for Business works on almost any device – allowing you to work as you go.

Data Security

Constantly updated security protocols keep your data secure, no matter what.

Simple Administration

Gain full visibility of user activity, devices, sessions and more.

Collaborate with your colleagues

Sharing your files and folders is simple, enabling your team to work together real-time.

Auto Backup

Worst case scenarios are a thing of the past. No matter what happens, your files will always be accessible and secure.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our dropbox for business partnership and get a 14 day free trial today.


Box World Tour London

The 848 Group attended the Box World Tour in London, on the 12th of March 2013. As a box premier re-seller we showed our support as a partner, and attended to hear about what Box are doing next.

We arrived and checked in with our team before the main introduction. Once seated the Keynote began, and we were introduced to Arron Levie (Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer). Aaron gave us some insight on were Box are currently at and their plans for the future. Like many entrepreneurs he was very up to date, wearing quite fashionable sneakers.

We had a short break before the next event- which I might add that the staff at the venue delivered quality food and drink throughout the whole day.

The next event on the agenda was split in two with Session A and B. A covered: Top 5 Ways Business Moves Forward with Box. During part A they talked about mobile content management, project collaboration and more. B covered: Introduction to Box. Session B gave an overview of Box for new and potential customers. After a short break we attended the next session. This again was split in two parts. A covered: Gaze Into the Crystal Ball, they talked where box is heading in the future and talked about future improvements for Box. Part B covered: Box Admin Console, this section was aimed for IT administrators looking to deploy Box within a business.

We then had a second break that was followed by the next event: The Power of the Box Ecosystem presented by Chris Yeh – Vice President of Platform. Chris delivered an in-depth analysis of Box’s current ecosystem and the potential growth of new customers and users. I found this to be the most interesting event of the day as this made me think of how Box is managed, maintained and delivered to its users.

I ended the day with a quick beverage with the team, courtesy of Box.
The 848 group are a Box premier re-seller. We have implemented Box for a number of customers helping them to unlock their content and improve their business processes. Find out more here.