How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal in 5 Minutes

If you’re asking ‘How do I get better WiFi?’

Then this is definitely for you.

Wi-Fi signal is made of simple radio waves and as with any radio there are numerous issues that can cause interference problems. Strong Wi-Fi signal on the other hand can have the opposite effect. Giving you faster performance and better coverage around your home or business. So with this in mind it’s important to make sure you properly position and configure your router to get the best from the signal strength which is available. Read on and we’ll show you how to achieve this in no more than 5 minutes by following theses three easy steps.

 1) Point The Antenna Up

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well it is, and in many cases routers have aerial-looking antenna sticking out of the back of them. These antennae will almost always come out of the box pointing horizontally to make sure they fit in the box and we often see these in buildings still horizontal just because they have never been moved. Positioning the antenna vertically will increase your connection strength and if you have two or more antennae, keep the antennae vertical and in parallel to optimise performance, there is no advantage to pointing them all in different directions.

 2) Position Your Router Properly.

Consider where you will put your router. If you have a large home or office space then getting your router as central as possible you will benefit from more overall coverage as you will be boosting the range of the signal. Placing the router at one end of the building will, in many cases, mean you get great signal at that end of the building (and also outside that side of the building) but limited signal at the other side of the office. However, if your router signal is strong enough and there is a good signal everywhere in your office there’s little benefit in moving it now.

Position your router high up. Placing your router on the floor may be the most convenient place but is almost always the worst. A higher position will help your signal.

Metal has been the enemy for wireless signals for numerous years and we’re afraid nothing has changed. If your router is placed on or near large metal objects such as filing cabinets or metal shelves, this could cause a problem as the signal cannot pass through metal. In some cases, routers positioned too close to metal pipes have had issues and moving them can provide an almost instant improvement.

Ok, so you’ve checked all that, but there is still some interference, well you maybe able to root out the problem by looking at your other devices. Microwave ovens, baby monitors and even cordless telephones can interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

 3) Choose the best Wi-Fi Channel

If you’re in a place where there are a variety of different Wi-Fi networks running such as a block of flats or a shared office space, your neighbours’ Wi-Fi will probably be interfering with yours

You can however minimize the effect this can have, and as a starting point moving your router away from the other routers will be a good place to start but unfortunately is not a fool proof plan. The best option in this case is to switch to a different Wi-Fi Channel. If you’re not highly ‘tech savvy’ you may feel like we’ve just asked you to perform something you have no idea how to do? Well not to fear, we promise it’s not as technical as it sounds, just follow these simple instructions.

• You can change channels on your router’s settings page (instructions on finding this page will be in your routers manual or online).

• Locate the Wi-Fi channel option in the router’s web interface and change it to a different channel with less interference. Finding the right channel can be a bit of an experiment at first but it’s relatively easy to do and can have a great effect. The investment of a few minutes of your time now will save you hours in the future. To us, it seems like a good option.

So, 3 easy steps and you’re done!

If you would like more information on how to get the best from your Wi-Fi connection or explore the best connections for you then call the team at The 848 Group on 01785 503 848 or email and we will be happy to help.

Wi-Fi isn’t our only service, you can view the rest of our IT products and services here:



Cisco Meraki Launch Meraki Communications


Meet the MC74 – an intuitive product to debut Cisco Meraki Communications. Integrate your office network further with new Meraki communications devices


We’re pleased to bring you the news of Cisco Meraki’s new MC line, a range of communication devices designed to integrate seamlessly with existing Meraki solutions. Kicking off this exciting addition to the Meraki product family is the MC74 – a work phone like no other.

Complete with an HD, touchscreen display for ease of use and navigation, the MC74 is an intuitive desktop communication device that makes interaction in, and outside, your company a breeze.

What’s more, with full integration with the Cisco Meraki network, administrators can remotely configure the device using just a serial number. Administrators can manage the phone using the Meraki dashboard as they would with any other user device – reviewing call stats, managing a contacts directory and configuring alerts can all be performed remotely via the cloud.

The MC74 also features:-

  • Contact directory integration
  • Call history & visual voicemail
  • Ad-hoc conferencing
  • Lock screen protection
  • Voice response and extension calling
  • 2 x USB headset ports and 3.5mm audio headset socket

Though only initially launched in the US, the MC74 is set to be available in other territories soon. We’re looking forward to future releases from the Meraki Communications range that are hopefully set to live up to this debut device!


CCDA Passed with Flying Colours!

Congratulations to James Saunders on his CCDA qualification!

We’re incredibly happy to announce our very own head of professional services James Saunders has achieved a Cisco CCDA qualification- passing with an incredible score of 1000! To become a Cisco Certified Design Associate, you must have the extensive ability to design, configure, develop and implement network infrastructure at an expert level.

Cisco Partner Select Certified Staffordshire

The CCDA qualification covers design methodologies, objectives, data, devices, and security and wireless controls, amongst many other aspects. At The 848 Group, we know each business we work with has their own unique specifications and requests. A CCDA qualification proves that we can create a custom network for you that is both scalable, personal, and 100% functional, ensuring your satisfaction. Nobody wants a cookie cutter service, so at The 848 Group we’re happy to provide you with a custom solution.

James is now the go-to man for any sophisticated network design you might ever need. He’s added this qualification to his extensive list of skills and attributes- merely a notch in the belt of his tech knowledge! We’re incredibly proud of any qualification our team might attain, and feel blessed to have such talented staff on board. James is currently working on some of The 848 Group’s largest projects- watch this space.

If you’re interested in how a CCDA qualification can benefit your business personally, contact us.


Working hard to Optimise Business Broadband

The 848 Group exhibited at Optimising Business Broadband events in Staffordshire and Shropshire this week, having a great time alongside our friends at Growth Accelerator. Delegates from the 848 Group sales team, including James Scott, Michelle Whittaker, and Tom Humphreys,  engaged with a range of businesses to share the business benefits of a fast and reliable broadband line.

Businesses being left behind in the ever growing adoption of the Cloud was one of the key focuses of the events – providing us with the perfect pedestal to talk about networking services such as BT Net, and our range of Cisco Meraki Products.  A lot of the attendees were yearning for nothing but the best for their company – and came to us to achieve a better understanding of how to improve contemporary success.

Many businesses are finding it difficult to thrive in the current cloud adopting climate, due to lack of awareness or unfounded fears of conventional business platforms in the cloud. It’s time to “Get off the fence” when it comes to powerful and reliable business broadband, so get in touch with 848 for an honest, no jargon road map to better business IT.  However, don’t just take it from us, click here to hear from our customers about how Cisco Meraki helped them achieve WiFi bliss.

Pike Syndrome

Using Pike Syndrome as an analogy for businesses who do not recognise or embrace change, Grant excellently pinpointed the abundance of missed opportunities that businesses face when they do not adapt to the cloud. Many businesses frequently get stuck in an unsure limbo, a “Do I?” or “Don’t I?” scenario where their preconceptions or prior experiences override their willingness to evolve. It’s survival of the fittest in a world of apex predators!

The first step to success is recognising change, scrapping assumptions, and not negative experiences dictate your choice of opportunities. Watch this video below and see if you can draw a comparison to your company:

Out of 10?

Another great speaker at the event was James Pennington, who posed the question “What would you rate your online presence out of 10?” – helping attendees and exhibitors alike realise where their Social Media is faulting. We’re not going to disclose our answer, but needless to say it was a great and inspiring presentation!

With plenty more Optimising Business Broadband events over the coming months, be sure to watch this space and we hope to see you at the next events! For the Optimising Business Broadband event schedule, click here.