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The 848 Update: Microsoft Email Gets Down with the Kids

In this week’s 848 Update, we’re having a chuckle at an ill-advised Microsoft email that was sent out to Bae interns. Disaster or ironic genius?

Microsoft Email Gets Down with the Kids

Hey Bae reader! We were hella impressed by Microsoft’s on fleek email lingo this week that they pinged out to uber University students. Promising dranks and noms, the Microsoft crew’s party sounded pretty lit, and on a Monday night? Score!

In all seriousness, Microsoft have now apologised for a deeply unprofessional email that was sent out by a recruiter. We’re not sure whether the abundance of ‘youth speak’ was intended to be ironic or an attempt to be cool, but it widely missed the mark.

Manchester City Sign First E-Sports Player

All those hours avid Fifa fans have spent playing their favourite game might be set to pay off as Manchester City becomes the second English Premier League club to sign an e-sports player. Though Fifa is already a popular e-sport, with exceptional players flying across the world to compete in tournaments, this ‘signing’ signifies a turning point for UK hopefuls wanting to represent their favourite teams officially.

Manchester City join West Ham in signing designated e-sports players – who knows which teams will come next?

Tech Feels the Impact of Brexit

In the wake of Brexit, technology firms and their customers are already feeling the pinch in profits and pricing. The drastic drop in the value of the pound has created difficulties in sourcing materials, leading PC makers Dell and phone manufacturer One Plus hiking up their prices.

Time will tell if these changes are permanent; due to these being currency related we can hope that if the pound stabilises decisions may be reversed. In the meantime, if you have any pricey tech purchases planned, make them sooner rather than later!

That’s all for this week folks! Join us again next week for more tech news.

the 848 update

The 848 Update: Apple Patent Halts Gig Photography

Daniel Gzz via Unsplash

apple patent

This week in the world of technology: An american woman successfully sues Microsoft over an unwanted update and a new Apple patent halts gig photography!

Woman Sues Over Windows 10 Update

We’ve all heard at least one story about an inconvenient Windows 10 update. Whether it’s the meteorologist who was prompted to upgrade live on air or the pro gamer who was interrupted mid-stream, Windows 10 updates have been creating plenty of amusement and grief in equal measure.

You might be surprised to hear that a woman in the US has successfully sued Microsoft following an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade of her own. Teri Goldstein won herself $10,000 to cover loss of earnings and the cost of a new computer when the update seemingly slowed down her computer and prevented it from turning on for long periods of time. We’re not sure how likely a case like this will succeed again is, though!

Apple Patent Thwarts Amateur Gig Photographers

Can you remember the last time you went to a gig without seeing thousands of smartphones being held aloft? The era of social media has ushered in a new generation of music fans who are desperate to document concerts. After all, if you don’t have a bad quality video, where you even there?

What these amateur photographers might not realise is that they could well be flouting copyright law. An Apple patent in developing technology used to block or disable cameras where filming is prohibited could be putting a swift stop to the practice. By using infrared signals to disable camera applications, filming can be effectively halted in prohibited places. Maybe this seems a little harsh but I definitely look forward to gigs lacking phones being waved in the air!

Facebook Focuses on Friends

Facebook seems to have reversed on a trend that saw publisher and advertising content take up space in newsfeeds. Following complaints that users were missing out on content from friends in favour of stories from publishers, Facebook will now be prioritising updates from friends and family.

Shares and Comments will also now have greater influence over a post’s reach than likes, making it easier for content that builds meaningful engagement to reach a wide audience.  In theory, you should now be able to see updates from close friends more immediately than before without having to wade through too much irrelevant branded content.

Which technology news stories have caught your eye this week?

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the 848 update

The 848 Update: AI Directs a Music Video

Antonis Spiridakis via Unsplash

A future where computers become directors? Find out what happened when AI directs a music video, Apple make big changes and Microsoft fight Zika!

More Changes Come to Apple Hardware

News from Apple this week will change the way users interact with two popular products. The first big change is the ever increasing likelihood of 3.5mm sockets being absent from the iPhone 7, due to be released later this year. This controversial development effectively renders thousands of third party products useless, as well as existing, expensive Apple accessories.

Some more welcome news from camp Apple is the discontinuation of the Thunderbolt display. Released five years ago, the display initially boasted top specifications, making it a covetable product but now, however, is eclipsed by increased standards. The absence will surely be making way for a new, updated model.

Microsoft Battle the Zika Virus

Microsoft are turning their hand to helping to eradicate the Zika virus by funding research into mosquito traps. The traps are designed to only trap specific mosquitos that are relevant to medical and scientific studies plus, can also tell the researchers what time the mosquito became trapped and under what conditions (such as humidity and temperature).

Being able to target these precise mosquitos allow research to be undertaken in where to find dangerous strains, making them easier to eradicate.

AI Can Now Direct Videos!

As the future of traditional jobs becomes more uncertain in the face of artificial intelligence, creative professionals might take comfort in assuming that computers can never produce art. They best look away now, as following computer generated books and paintings, AI is now proving able to direct music videos, down to very fine detail.

An unnamed French electro-pop band recently had a computer direct the video for a track using artificial intelligence. Analysing lyrics and musical beat to create emotional content the AI decided on details of the video down to the colour of the actors clothing. Sadly we won’t get to see the video as the band refuse to allow its general release – could this be because of dull production values or do they fear a computer take over?

What do you think of this week’s tech news?

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An IT Health Check involves a visit from an IT professional who will evaluate your current assets and systems, this should include hardware in addition to the software you’re currently running on. They’ll know what they’re looking for and can identify potential issues as well as those which are causing current problems.

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