How will Avaya Inc filing for bankruptcy impact customers?

How 848 can help Avaya Customers

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As of 19th Jan 2017 internet telephony specialist Avaya Inc filed for bankruptcy.

They claim they are ‘pursuing a restructuring through chapter 11’ as their current structure is ‘over 10 years old’ as the driving force behind the move.

While they want customers to believe it will have little impact to them there has been no mention of backing from creditors prior to filling for a bankruptcy. Coupled with the lack of time line due to uncertainty from negotiations with key stake holders and approval from the court. The road ahead for Avaya customers currently looks far from smooth.

Polycom VX410

The Polycom VVX410 hanset


Is this something you can afford to take a gamble on. Potentially risking disruption to yourself?

Now more than ever it’s worth considering all your options. Here at 848 Group we can discuss your current requirements and tailor a communications package more suited to you. Giving you the confidence that you are using operating systems you can rely on.

Customers currently using Avaya telephone units should consider swapping to the Polycom VVX410 which is an improved handset against similar models from Avaya.

For full features and to speak to someone about how we can support your business please contact our communications team on 01785 503848.


The 848 Group Celebrates 1 Year of CSP Status!

As one of Staffordshire’s longest established members of Microsoft’s Cloud Service Provider program, we’re proud to count ourselves amongst the select group of Microsoft Partners with Tier 1 CSP status. This allows us to directly provision, manage and support Microsoft cloud offerings such as Office 365 and Azure Cloud platform for our customers.

To qualify for Tier-1, a partner must be able to provide customers with Microsoft Cloud value added services, such as project services, managed services and support services. Microsoft also requires partners to deliver technical expertise and provide 24×7 support, technical integration and handle the customer software lifecycle.

Our combination of stellar customer service, expert product implementation and innovative additional services and packages have proven us fully worthy of Tier 1 CSP status! You can secure Microsoft solutions and dedicated support all from The 848 Group, but what are the benefits for our clients?

Easy Billing

Our customers benefit from the simplicity of a single bill to pay. Customers can painlessly manage the purchase of partner tools, products, and services with their subscription in one consistent and predictable monthly bill.

One First Point of Contact

Partners directly deliver, manage, and support the customers giving them one point of contact for all their business management requirements.

Pick and Choose More than One CSP

Customers are not tied into one partner for the Microsoft products they wish to purchase; this allows customers to seek out the most effective partner for separate products which may represent different partner skillsets. With the CSP programme, partners gain a greater understanding of their customers’ business needs, challenges and how to help them reach their goals.

A Quick and Efficient Support Network

With pre-agreed authorisation, as a Tier-1 CSP we have direct access to the secure Office 365 portal to enable direct provisioning, deployment, management and support of subscribed services on a customer’s behalf. Using delegated admin access, we can often resolve issues more quickly than Microsoft and without the need to contact Microsoft support.

As a Tier 1 CSP partner, we help customers leverage the cloud by owning the complete billing process and directly managing support. Applying existing expertise in cloud technology, we can assist with your move to Azure services, whether it is a seamless transition to Azure AD, planning and executing Office 365 migrations or unlocking additional valuable services Azure provides, such as file storage via OneDrive, knowledge management through SharePoint and business intelligence tools like Power BI. With Microsoft’s full endorsement, we can provide world leading business IT solutions along with The 848 Group’s magic touch!

We hope you enjoy the benefits of our Microsoft CSP status as much as we do!


Testimonial: P.A. Ross Rate Dynamics CRM!

dynamics crm

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a fantastic customer relationship management software that is well suited to all manner of industries and business sizes. We can’t get enough of this industry-leading software, but don’t take our work for it! Our client Tim Clifford at P.A Ross has plenty of kind words to say about Dynamics CRM and the service the company received from The 848 Group!

P A Ross Limited had been looking for a web based CRM system for a number of months.  I went on line for a trial of Sales Force and Microsoft Dynamics CRM so I could experience them first hand but I could not get a real feel for either system as the trials would not load properly.  I was stuck with looking at YouTube videos until Microsoft proactively followed up from my attempted trial and suggested that I speak with their CRM specialist in the area, The 848 Group.

I spoke with Matt who was both enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  He offered to demo the Microsoft product remotely but I opted to nip down to Stafford instead, to see the demo first hand.  I liked the system and he got my trial working properly; within a few days we decided that we wanted to invest in Dynamics CRM.  We liked Dynamics CRM because it feels familiar and is undoubtedly capable.  Getting the team on board is vital and anyone who uses Outlook or recent Office products will immediately feel at home, especially due to the smart interface with Office 365.

Matt and The 848 Group have supported us very well.  We are three weeks in and already feel that we have a business tool that is adding real value and making us more productive.  We can see exciting ways to improve what we do and to do things that we have not been able to do before.  The training sessions that we have had with Matt and the team at 848 have been very informative and have helped us to get going and feel that we are making real progress.  Dynamics CRM 2016 is a bit like an onion, with many layers – the more you use it the more you realise how capable the system is! We are pleased that we have 848 to support us in this adventure!

If your business is looking to improve on customer relationship management, as approved Microsoft Partners, The 848 Group offers a wide variety of packages, training sessions and implementation services. Check out our dedicated page or get in touch to find out more!

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How Can an IT Consultant Help Your Business?

Instant Messaging


An efficient and well maintained IT infrastructure is essential for any successful business. With the world of business IT in constant change, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments in business changing technology. If you don’t have a dedicated IT team in-house, this could even be an impossible task.

A qualified IT consultant can remove these concerns easily by expertly evaluating your business IT, making recommendations for improvements or leading an IT improvement project.

Why is IT important for my business?

Given the constantly evolving nature of technology, it goes without saying that businesses should be embracing emerging software and programs that can make their systems easier. Whether you’re a retailer with a presence online, a service delivery company that needs to keep track of clients or a firm that relies on the successful submission and management of data, there will be software out there perfect for your business. 

How Can a Consultant Help Me?

An IT consultant is highly trained in matchmaking between businesses and their appropriate IT solutions. Programs and software are never one size fits all but you may lack a colleague with ability to decide which will suit your business the best. An external IT consultant is able to objectively look at your business and determine the areas where attention is most needed.

You may think your businesses is fantastic at managing its CRM solution, but a consultant might be able to tell you that this is an area where improvement is needed. Likewise, you could be set to concentrate effort on an area that’s already successful which would simply be a waste of resources.

Am I too Small for a Consultant?

Businesses of every size will be able to enlist the help of an IT consultant though you may be running on a price-sensitive basis. If you’re looking for a consultancy service that’s cost-effective, beginning with a free IT health check could be the way to go, before moving with the services recommended by your engineer.

All businesses who lack an in-house IT team should be looking at working with IT consultants in order to maximise on their technological potential. For a first class business IT consulting service that addresses all the above concerns, get in touch with The 848 Group and take the first step in your IT improvement project.


The 848 Update: Pokémon Go Special

Its official – as of yesterday morning, Pokémon Go is available in the United Kingdom. Naturally, we are completely hooked and have been trekking through Stafford in our efforts to catch ‘em all. Consider this week’s 848 Update a tribute to all things Pokémon Go!

Pikachu Pops up on Downing Street

Apparently, alongside getting Pokémon Go, the UK welcomed a new Prime Minister this week in the form of Theresa May this week and, it would appear, she had an extra helper for moving into Number 10! Whilst BBC reporter Adam Fleming was waiting on Mrs May’s arrival, he managed to catch a wild Pikachu. There was also a Drowzee present, but no one seems to be as bothered about that.

Australian Police say Pokémon Go Away

One of the earliest stories about Pokémon Go mishaps emerged from Australia where Darwin police station has been named as a Pokéstop. Darwin police advised users via social media that they didn’t need to step inside the building to collect their Pokéballs and doing so could interfere with police matters… they have been warned!

Pokémon Trainer Finds More than She Bargained For

Searching for Pokéstops and rare Pokémon can be a great way to get players exploring their hometowns. One Pokémon trainer got more than she bargained for though, as she stumbled across a dead body whilst searching for a Pokéstop.

The death appears to be accidental and no foul play is suspected, but this story serves to remind us all to be careful when hunting for Pokémon – you never know what else you might find!

We hope you enjoyed this special 848 Update! On a related note, for anyone on team Instinct, we’d love to team up with and take on the gym a few doors down from our office – any takers?