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10 Ways to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Non-Profit Businesses.

In a non-profit business, efficient use of your resources- be it time, money, or staff- is key to ensuring your organisation runs smoothly. Even the best managers struggle to juggle donations, pledges, dates, appointments, staff, volunteers… it’s a lot to handle. That’s why we recommend Microsoft Dynamics CRM for non-profit organisations. The Dynamics CRM system places all of these variables into a single location, allowing you to maintain full control over your company’s assets. After all, we know non-profit organisations are dedicated to their own personal mission- why let all the other stuff get in the way?

Check out our top 10 reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for non-profit business. 

1. Staff Management

No matter the size of your not-for-profit, chances are you’re going to have a dedicated list of individuals who contribute to your cause, be they paid or voluntary. By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for non-profit businesses, you can compile everyone into one place, with key info such as a person’s schedule, availability, or past hours worked. From here it’s a breeze to produce reports on this data, letting you visualise exactly how well your manpower is working.

2. Donor Tracking

Similarly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for non-profit organisations enables you to keep track of your vast list of donors, including donation history and amount, and other personal details such as age, contact info, or location. With this data you can easily monitor any contact between your company and the individual, ensuring both parties remain happy and compliant. Additionally, this info provides you with a key demographic of donators, so you know who else to target.

3. Finance Monitoring

As many non-profits run on donations and pledges, you need to be able to track this info. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for non-profit businesses places the data into visually appealing charts, detailing whether the money came from a specific campaign, how much you have received in total, and how close you are to your end goal. Inputting a grant into the CRM system allows you to monitor its progress, from the initial application to acceptance.  Furthermore, you can set up hassle-free e-mail notifications to automatically be sent to donors- thank you or reminder emails, for instance.

4. Accessibility

Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM for non-profit organisations is designed to place you in the driver’s seat, you can’t do it all on your own. This CRM system allows you to share live information about your company to any approved employees- anything from marketing campaigns to important appointments. The greatest aspect of this is that you decide exactly who accesses what information, meaning you can keep important data private, but simultaneously share necessary documents.

5. Remote Access

We get it, you’re busy. Running a not-for-profit business is no mean feat. That’s why with CRM, information is available where you want it, when you want it- on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, so you’re never caught short.

6. Familiar Tools

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for non-profit organisations lets you continue to use the familiar systems you know and love.  Other Microsoft software is already seamlessly embedded in the CRM framework, with graphs generated by Excel, templates imported straight from Word, and contacts lifted directly from your Outlook email database. We offer rich and numerous solutions to extend the reach of your CRM, which can support accounts, social monitoring, and project management. Any key Microsoft software will run happily alongside CRM without any hiccups, saving you time and energy.

7. Integrated Syncing

When you add any data which needs immediate recognition- such as a fundraiser, meeting, or event- it automatically updates the Microsoft Outlook Calendar of every relevant employee, cutting out the possibility for missed appointments and keeping the entire team on the same page.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed with the capacity to be fully customisable. For instance, you can personalise your home screen to display the data you first and foremost want to see. With The 848 Group’s bespoke SureStart service, this customisation can be done entirely by us before the product ever reaches you, meaning your software is ready to go at the click of a button.

9. Low Maintenance

The software is similarly designed to be incredibly easy to use. Its uncomplicated layout mimics that of familiar Microsoft products, and can be picked up and taught to people of varying tech skills with ease. For those issues which do crop up, our CURA Support team are on hand to help you with whatever you need.

10. Cost

The 848 Group can provide you with a fixed-price installation on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for non-profit models, maintaining a reasonable price for your not-for-profit business. If you aren’t entirely sure it’s for you, we also offer a free trial– giving you the time and space to discover just how great Dynamics is.


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